SkiMo - Cancellation


Dear Matterhorn Ultraks Friend,

To date, we only received 200 registrations for the SkiMo event.

We cannot really explain this, but it has necessarily triggered a deep thinking process that led us to conclude it was better to cancel the event.

Surely, more registrations would have come, but likely not enought to guarantee an event to the level of what we wish to associate to Ultraks and Zermatt.  

Also, we wanted that decision to be made early enough to allow the registered people to organise themselves the best possible way.

You can imagine, it has been a heartbreaking decision and we are truly sad to have to write these words.

Surely, all registered people will be fully reimbursed, including ancillary charges such as insurance or credit cards charges.

Also, we will offer a 50% discount on a Trail registration.

The team leader that paid the registration will receive an email from MSO asking for the bank details for the reimbursement.

In the near future, we do plan for a race in 2017, but we will think how to revive the race with a new and hopefully successful formula.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Ultraks Team